A cowboy Christmas, is really something to behold, There's no cozy fireplace, just his saddle and the cold. He stokes up the old campfire, and grabs his coffee cup, then he climbs upon his horse, as he steps into the stirrup.

He thinks of Christmas past, and what it meant to him, as he was growing up at home, where he had a lot of kin. The tree was bright and cheerful, as the kids ran about, and mother trying to cook, would give 'em all a shout.

On this day so many years ago, the Christ child was born, and people came from everywhere to make him feel adorn. A mighty thing this must have been, with angel's in the sky, and all of them Sheppard's, with sheep in great supply.

A cowboy must have been there, to offer up his praise, for when he looks up at night, he still becomes amazed. A cowboy and his horse, all alone on this here night, can recite the Christmas story, amidst the stars so bright.